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Crossbow and Archery want our customers to be happy with their purchase, and enjoy continued use of a quality crossbow or bow. Wear and tear does happen though, which is why we now offer additional services to keep you enjoying the sport.

Fitting Service

Many items such as strings and cam sets need the use of specialist tools (such as a bowpress) in order to safely fit them. If you are buying replacements strings but do not have access to such equipment, Crossbow and Archery can arrange to pick the items up, undertake the work, and return them to you. Simply 'add fitting' to your basket and we will be in touch.

Repair Service

If your crossbow or bow had been damaged, we can repair the item for you. Simply 'add repair service' to your basket and we will be in touch to arrange collection. The fee charged covers the collection and one hours repair work. If we believe that the repair is more extensive and/or requires replacement parts, we will get in contact to discuss. You then have the choice of paying for extended time and/or parts, or having your item returned to you.


Servicing is a necessary part of crossbow and bow ownership. Crossbow and Archery can offer Servicing that can include oiling strings, checking the cam action and more. Simply 'Collection for Servicing' to the basket and we will get in touch.