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Terms & Conditions

Ownership and risk

Ownership of goods passes to the customer once full payment has been received and successful delivery of the goods has been made,

The risk in all goods passes to the customer upon receipt of goods. Notice of non-delivery of goods must be made in writing to Crossbow & Archery within 14 days of the invoice date. Claims made after 14 days will be rejected. We must be notified of faults or missing components within 24 hours of accepting deliveries. We will still attempt to rectify any issues after this time but that then falls into the category of the Warranty, rather than an initial delivery/item issue.


All prices are listed inclusive of VAT and are subject to the rate of VAT at the time of invoicing. Your emailed invoice will split the VAT out of the purchase, so your purchase price may seem lower than you expected, but the VAT will then be added back on to the invoice as a separate line item, so the total paid will remain the same.

Shipping is subject to the rate of VAT at the time of invoicing.

Crossbow & Archery reserves the right to make changes to prices without notice. Prices charged will be those that are valid at the time of invoicing.


Returned goods must be accompanied by written details of the sender, proof of purchase, and reason for return, as well as a statement of action requested and a full explanation of fault (if applicable). The resolution may be delayed if this information is not provided. Returns are at the owner’s cost in packaging and shipping. However we would always recommend contacting us first as many issues can be resolved without the need to return goods.


Goods purchased from Crossbow & Archery must not be sold or disposed of, directly or indirectly, outside of the country where they were purchased, unless with the written consent of Crossbow & Archery management. This is because different countries have different laws about the ownership and use of these goods so you could unwittingly fall foul of the law by shipping them overseas.